It’s all a blur

Hello riverside. Sitting at my usual spot along the Sisowath Quay. The thunder booms. Maybe rain comes. The beer is cold. There’s the flag of this kingdom. Thanks for having me. Now the Grand River bar playing host. Great day today. Rain is coming soon.

Phnom Penh times

This week in the big city. Basically came to see my friend Ah Vy for an early birthday thing and then my friend Chetra. Known both these sweet and beautiful Khmer women for 5 years. Now it’s nice when I want to see them or just be in the big city awhile. Five hours on a bus or minivan and I’m here. Not really any photos yet. Maybe today will do a walk in the evening and show the city. Now it’s morning so I am at this coffee shop mostly favored by Khmer people but it’s beautiful inside and...

Life’s Little Turns, Twists, and Things

I remember my mentor and the person that took me to archeology would never give life advice even when pressed for it. We would walk along some dusty, desert trail in the Mojave or in the foothills outside of Mojave California. Sometimes I could hear RWR humming silently to himself. He had an eye for finding archeological sites and we’d stop sometimes mid walk and he and I would spread out and flag a site. We would then find ourselves on a topographic map using a compass and map the site in. Triangulation is a wonderful skill. Perhaps it is...

Sunday Coffee and Music Times

I really enjoy every day in the mornings with this instant coffee and music and opening the window to let in the morning. Besides those bees that have come in a few times. This morning music thrives and the morning is cloudy out. The coffee is still steaming hot in the mug. I happened to read Ray’s post about how he keeps his coffee warm here. I think I should find something because often I start reading or writing or listening to music even and the coffee hangs out but slowly cools. I don’t have a microwave to warm it...

Beautiful morning

On my way to breakfast and coffee. Suddenly those blue skies induced me to find the iPhone toy and do the photo thing. Good morning from Cambodia.

Checking in or Out

I got tired of the drone of RSS news and readers and apps either paid for as a service like feedbin or news blur or included like getting iCloud syncing for news. For me, there are a few things with the services and apps that always get me and make me erase them. I can only consume so much. There are directories of blogs like blogroll and Truth be told there are only a few blogs I choose to consume with any regularity. The old 1000 stations and nothing on thing. I can subscribe with abandon or hesitation to...

Street Food Siem Reap

Up and down the street where the river runs are street food stalls. Now the places are especially busy and can easily find cheap noodles, rice, soups, seafood, and ice cream rolls. The scene is fun and most of the street food stalls are very busy. A plate of beef fried rice costs about $1.50. Noodles a little more. I paid $2.50 for 4 large shrimp take away with chili sauce. Later walked down the street and stopped for dessert. Siem Reap at night is nice.

Friday Morning Stuff

Welcome to my Friday morning. Last night I walked to clear my head of some thoughts. Walking is a mantra to me. I can focus on the steps and not the outcome. Find the space walking the Siem Reap River to just be. Last night was simply beautiful and the bridges were lit up farther up the river. I sat at this bench for awhile enjoying the peaceful evening. Kind of between steps. Almost like the person walking away from me. Perhaps he too hesitated his steps and found that pull, that primitive sensation of steps. Then off to sleep...


Life is full of them. I particularly liked this one. One of the wooden bridges downtown that cross the Siem Reap River.