Welcome to my home pages!

Welcome to my new blog. Pardon a little dust as things become the way I may want them. I migrated the blog from Wordpress including the content from about a year of posting. The blog now lives on Blot which makes things so easy posting and updating.

The purpose of the blog is to just be a home but also hold my posts, thoughts, ideas, photos. I am happily living in Siem Reap, Cambodia on their excellent retirement visa extension. I get the visa extension every year which lets me come and go as I please, get a bank account, own a home (never), and get treated very well by Khmer immigration, banking, etc. Part of the thing with the blog was to document or continue to document my day to day living in Siem Reap by writing blog posts, including photos, and then sharing them on the fediverse. The blog now has comments, webfinger, and webmentions integrated which gives me a lot of fun ways to be social but in the ways I want.

I’ve tried to keep the blog as simple as possible but I do include some pages to help you find more about me, see what I’m up to Now, and some contact info. I tend to write on the blog every day and sometimes multiple times in a day. I use the simplest tools I can use. For writing, I use the excellent and focused IAWriter and it all runs from Dropbox. All in markdown and Blot is nothing but a static server.

Hope you enjoy your times here.