Welcome to the new home

This is my new home so to speak. I blogged over on Wordpress for some months. I think from when I was living in Mexico. For the last few weeks I felt I needed a basic change to things. I like Wordpress and what it offers but there is complexity there and I want simple.

In some time, the domain will change and those posts will appear here. Along with some years of posts from before. The goal here is still the same. This is to be my home. My place to create and publish. My take with this place is that,

everything starts here

Things can emanate out and get posted to my Mastodon instance but the words and worlds for me start here. So I figure why not have this at a place easier to manage, cheaper, more fun to write to. Wordpress still takes editors and databases and stuff. Hugo or Jekyll do not but I don’t get them. Each one offers something but I don’t understand them whatsoever. Blot comes along and the simplicity is to just write and not worry about all that. My Dropbox becomes my blog. I get away from the blogging services I don’t like or need or want. I’ll not name them but there are a few. They promise all sorts of things but when the time comes to deliver especially when I wanted to leave, things fall way short. You know them. You read here before.

So now the words come back to Blot. I was here before. Some things will be the same but in time, others will be different. I hope to get webmentions working as well as webfinger. I know the paths to both.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy. This blog will soon have the same domain as before but for now here is this. My very first post or the latest one when I get the posts in markdown format and copied over. Ain’t life so fine!

January 13, 2023