Wednesday for me

And it’s a national holiday here. Vietnam National Day. It comes in September each year. Some things open. Others closed. Coffee shop closed I desired so had bun cha instead. Now I’m at the usual coffee shop by the lake. Then suddenly… we had to leave. The area was closed off by the police and barricaded. Gatherings of more than 10 people I believe. So I made my way to the barricade, got through and paid. Tonight no beers by the lake so I will have to go elsewhere to drink. I think I will go for walk and get a sandwich and beers and come back to my room tonight.

We are at day 3 of no community cases of Covid-19. Doing good! On the subject of this and that a friend flew from the US to Seoul Korea planning then to transit to the Philippines. When he reached Incheon airport he was told he could not enter the Philippines and they voided his visa. So now he is flying back to California. I don’t know of a place here he could enter on a visa. Southeast Asia is basically locked down. Seems like they should have told him in the US. It’s gonna be this way until it’s not. There is some hope countries will gradually open and allow those with COVID-19 PCR tests, willing to enter and spend two weeks in quarantine will be able to do that. Vietnam is looking at opening its borders later this year with these changes. Right now as my friend Joe found out nothing is open in Asia besides for transit through airports on connecting flights which does not require a visa or entry stamp.

On to Thursday!

September 1, 2020