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Warmer days mean evening walks

The next few days here are gonna be warmer. I can walk in the mornings earlier but that means starting earlier. My breakfast time hovers around 1030 to 11am most days. Then I go back home. Read some. Perhaps go for an afternoon iced latte at the regular coffee shop. Sitting there for hours usually. By that time I’ve exhausted morning and early afternoon already.

Walking will become an evening thing starting tonight and the beautiful walking paths along the river give beautiful views at sunset and evening. I think tonight will include some photos from the river and the street food stalls plus the beautiful warm evening feelings as people get out to enjoy the times. Always find friendly Khmer people wandering, saying hello, asking how I am. It reminds me sometimes of walking in Merida Mexico in the evening. There I would hear buenas tardes echoing as others met and then met me. Warm greetings, smiles and just how evening life there and here make us all more social. For me at least on the walk. I also value the solitary time walking and I’ve never been at my best walking with another. Seeing someone across the street or in a park is different and ok. Having to have enforced company never is when I walk.

On to evening

Welcome back. This part of the blog post is on my walk. I set out along the river as the day was kinda cooling off. There are the little sights I find that seem fun or different. The river walk always seems to pull something new out that I can find.

The trail along the river would take me a little further then. It’s a nice walk no matter when to me. Well lit in the evenings with small cafes and bars. Along the walk are little river scenes I also appreciate.

The river is a forever thing to me. Slow and graceful in some spots. Sluggish in others. Some Khmer people will fish in the river. As I walked further, a bridge came to sight. There are lots of bridges to cross, but I always liked this one.

I then turned around and walked another way to the Heritage Park food court and got a Dairy Queen frozen ice cream drink and made my way home along city streets. I decided the city at evening is another post. To me it is a very pretty city and I feel safe wandering well lit and not lit roads. Sidewalks are everywhere. Most traffic lights obeyed. Still it pays to exercise some caution especially around scooters.

So that ended the day for me. I’ll still do the walk to different temples on my side of the city. There must be four of them.

Finishing up last night

I had written some of this yesterday but got lazy and did not seem to finish the post until coffee in the room this morning. Now thoughts are on the coffee awaiting almost patiently for me. Today I also see my friend A and she will come over and be with me. Smile that smile. Hold my hand. Hold my body. Life has become imminently more sensuous and interesting with her in it.

We all need that I think. I found my person. But I also need the solitude. The vast majority of moments spent on my own wandering, walking, thinking of things or not.

Have a nice Friday.

February 3, 2023