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Walking on Saturday

We went to a favored breakfast spot for some morning goods. I told Alin I would go for a walk and take some photos of the going. She caught a tuktuk to go do whatever it is the Alin does. I strolled the river walk road taking photos. Started as beautiful and cool morning. So I found myself seeing things to share here.

There are all sorts of little food stalls and street food locations up and down Pokambor Road. This is the road that will walk you all the way down by the river. I really enjoy doing that walk daily and just finding the things to take photos of.

Like Siem Reap wishes everyone a happy 2023. Along the same road you can find the gates open and take a peek inside at a beautiful compound and park. I think the gates are simply beautiful so I captured them.

I’ve said before but I think Siem Reap is a beautiful city to live in. Parts historical and archeological. Part stunning. Part fun and funky. Walking here is a joy. It is probably the most walkable city in Cambodia I think with all the work on the sidewalks and adding bike lanes and better traffic control.

I do think the Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm Shrine and gardens are simply gorgeous. Just like the beautiful and ornate fence around it.

This is often a place I would turn around before and head back to where I lived but now I can continue and walk these huge blocks with wonderful sidewalks.

So I do. And this blog post gives you a little view of a nice little stroll one can do. Maybe not all in the right order but when is life in the right order? An interesting thing is I shot all these photos in RAW (not ProRAW) using Halide and then edited them in Darkroom. Just a fun thing to do on a Saturday (I think). Alin says she does not know what day it is either. What a Khmer life this is.

February 11, 2023

Life is moving