Walking in Hanoi

Welcome back! Today was a nice day to get out and go. I ended up going to the Thang Long citadel. It’s a nice walk from my place. The citadel is one of the many world heritage sites in Hanoi. I’ve been inside a number of times so decided to just wander around the outside and take a few pictures of things I saw as I went.

The weather here today is a mix which seems to be the normal case for Hanoi in August. We have cloudy mornings and some rain and then it clears up by evening. Temperatures in the high 20s often. It’s nice weather for walking and taking photographs. Cool out but still humid feeling. Here in Hanoi we have new distancing and face mask requirements since Covid-19 started up again. We went 99 days without community infection. Most things are open besides the ever popular bars, karaoke, and massage parlors. Large gatherings are not permitted. Just so you know, everyone obeys the laws here mostly. I do see some people without face masks. They risk a fine in cash.

I also decided to give this app Drafts a whirl. It’s an interesting markdown text app. Kind of a writing, sharing, note taking thing. I don’t know I will stay with it but it’s a lot different than the classic Evernote or one note or Ulysses experience. My goal has always been to write the blog posts in a markdown app that synchronizes on iOS. Handing off from the iPhone to the iPad is really nice!

I’m writing this post now in a park about a mile from where I live. I’ll head back soon to do a few things before dinner.

Been a really nice and peaceful day today. Hanoi just propels forward by motorbikes and cars and buses. And coffee houses. That’s the fuel for life. The other fuel is cold Hanoi or Saigon or Halide or Truc Bach beer. Any and all work in my case.

Time to get going. Have yourself a fine whatever your time zone calls it.

August 14, 2020