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I took yesterday off and did not much worthy of doing. I knew from when I woke up I would do some things which make me happy. You wanna know them? No? Well too bad. Here ya go anyways.

  • Walking. I left after an old movie finished up this morning. Did not feel like taking photos so I did not. Instead it was this step thing. How it felt to get back. How the warming breeze touched me and made me so joyous on my own. Then I felt the sweat coming. It too is a caress. It releases whatever was stored up. About 2 miles later I reached my first place. But it’s what the second thing is.
  • Coffee. I really enjoy the stop in the mornings for coffee. Whether at Time Coffee or one of the Noi. I always bring the kindle and camp out and dawdle the morning. Do you dawdle? Being retired I have a skill at it. Now I sit at Noi and the fan arcs across me every so often. I relax. Think about…
  • Reading. I enjoy reading on the Kindle Paperwhite. It is the digital bookshelf for me. I could never haul around real books. I want to dip my time into fiction. Maybe a little history. Some fantasy if the mood takes. Some books stir still the desire to just go. With some reading about travelers like Ibn Battuta I feel I could make my way too. I could find my way again to the little alleys in Hanoi or the local market in Taipei. Memories and moments. Perhaps now I can set them down by,
  • Writing. This is a mindfulness practice to me no less than meditation or yoga or walking. Instead of step by step it is word by word. Each time it seems the thoughts stir and I find little worlds that line up in my words. Often about my wife but also those memories of Hanoi which seem most prevalent and missed. And I guess the final act is to
  • Just be and do. I gave up on goals and timelines and responsibilities a long time ago. Now I want to just be and do. All the things above lead to this.

Sitting and reveling in the words let out on the iPhone. Iced Latte waiting for my perusal. The feeling of needing nothing but having it all.

The only thing I have needed is my Alin. Always she is most important and her smile and hearing her call me love” makes me want to find and live each moment.

Yeah. This is my day. My Friday. My start of some month after another ends. The fan whirs. Air displaces. Rich moments of joy.

What else is there?

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