Volcanoes and Flight Changes

Now its Japan in the morning after a day of flying on very comfortable airlines. Because of the eruption of Mount Taal south of Manila, I changed my flights away and booked tickets instead that cost me more $$ to Hong Kong and then to Narita yesterday. I had some doubt about the connecting flight on Cathay Pacific but Vietnam Airlines in Saigon helped me get priority seating and someone to meet and greet me at Hong Kong International Airport. She saw me to my new gate and made sure I was okay. I also had Cathay Pacific check my baggage because I checked it through to Narita. They let me know that the baggage was located and was being treated and taken to the new flight. Yay for Vietnam Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Very nice and efficient people that went out of their way to get me accommodated.

This evening at 5pm I board my flight from Narita to the US so I have time to do nothing. I have to check out of the hotel by 11am so will probably go catch the shuttle after that at noon or so. I am on a ANA flight which means food will be decent and it will be on time. Then back to California first for a week.

I am so glad to have changed my flight! I don’t like big things like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that send ash into the air and put people at risk. It’s hard enough to do things without all that and I feel sorry for the folks there. They just had a typhoon too.

Now I sit in my room at 730am and its rainy in Narita Japan. I can look out at the airport. That’s how close the hotel is. Last night I got in around 9pm here and got settled and was a bit hungry and thirsty so found the hotel coffee shop and partook of French fries and a few draft beers. A little more expensive but who is really counting. I had two delightful flights and the food was really good on both airlines. Vietnam Airlines does really nice for people on longer flights and Cathay Pacific treats everyone with respect.

On to California!

January 14, 2020