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Vietnam in April

We had talked about going to Vietnam this year one time. Alin has been to Saigon and neither of us want to do a repeat there. There’s so little to like there and much more to dislike intensely. Instead I wanted to take her somewhere she has not been so we settled on Da Nang and Hoi An.

Da Nang really is a meeting ground of so many beautiful places. There’s the Han River. Then there’s the beautiful bridges crossing over. There’s Bana Hills and the Golden Bridge.

There’s good food all over. There’s the beaches. At least two of them.

Then a short grab car ride away is Hoi An. Ancient town is nice there but I’ve enjoyed more walking the river, finding the little places that serve chicken rice there, a beer garden where the wonderful and social Vietnamese sit out on an evening talking. Of course a day to walk ancient town is good too.

The way this trip works for us is different. We first take a minivan or bus to Phnom Penh and spend the night at a nice hotel. Then next day we take a PassApp to the airport and fly to Saigon. A few hours later we fly to Da Nang. Then a week of sun and fun and food and beer. Wandering the river. Walking the small side streets. All done because we can and want to.

Then back to Phnom Penh and the same hotel for a night. Finally back to Siem Reap on a bus. Home!

That’s a week of days

Days don’t even cover our moments enjoying central Vietnam. We need to do the things together. I missed out for 10 years on having a beautiful woman adventuring with me. We will do more in Cambodia and out. A shorter trip to Battambang. Visiting a province she wants to show me. And all the other times holding hands, walking, teasing, talking. How did I live without this creature in my life? I don’t know.

But now we have this week of days to just go. Her smiling. Me showing her the little sights and sounds that made Da Nang my favorite place ever in Vietnam.

Stay tuned. Life is not made of sweeping second hands and stupid watches. It is made of moments that create memories and give us experiences.

Now go make some of your own. While you’re at it try writing a blog post about what you did or did not do. What you love or hate. Or about those moments you spent making memories and experiences. In other words let the blog be your central place. It all comes from there. It’s yours. So give me some words.

February 24, 2023