Vietnam 2020 Vagabonding

International travel is out. Can’t go and if I could can’t get back in to Vietnam. So I decided I must do some purposeless movement here. So many places I’ve not been to yet. This is a perfect chance to go. My time at my airbnb is up on 15 August. So gonna hit the bus, rail, and plane vagabonding routes for awhile. I picked a few places to get to this time but don’t know how long I’ll stay. Here’s a little summary and why I want to go:

  1. Haiphong. This is the third largest city in Vietnam and is a major port. I like to do industrial photography so looking at a working port and then seeing more of the city sounds good.
  2. Hue. Once the Capitol of Vietnam the city is steeped in history and culture. From the citadel to the forbidden palace to the wonders of the food culture.
  3. Hoi An. Close to Da Nang but ancient town and the food and evening views call me back.
  4. Can Tho. Home and route to the fabled Mekong Delta and floating market. Can Tho offers a slowed down city with beautiful small alleys and coffee houses. I decided to spend a month here. My buddy Lily lives here too.

The real reason I’m going is that there is no reason. I can’t travel around the edge like I would like to do so wondrous and beautiful Vietnam provides my wandering and hobo destination.

then home

Then back to Hanoi for awhile. I’ll live here and love it. My desire is to stay in the same room I’m in now for some months more. I’ve realized I don’t need an apartment for my simple take on life. The rent to stay here is very good. The host takes good care of me and keeps the place really clean.

Moments back

I’ve been thinking some of life back in America. Perhaps because my friend Paul and discuss things back there over coffees every so often. I have to be honest. Vietnam feels like a universe away. Watching and reading news is like observing a distant planet. Things go on there but there’s a delay. Then I see them and it’s like WOW. Sometimes the news has already past me or is days late. I guess because news travels fast but happens even faster. Back when I did archeology the story was told about how a joke changed when it traveled across a continent. From the time it landed subtle changes started. The conditions, the plot, the people, the finale. Perhaps that lone observer could stand and watch with both focused and distant perspective. Not quite the participant observer of cultural anthropology. I feel that way here. By the time a thing happens it’s iterations have spun. Things have changed. It’s labeled like,

False News

Or something else equally strange or obtuse happens. Characters obfuscated. Plot changed. The clock ticks.

Everyone knows the change. It happens whether you see it or not. The only constant is change. So the anthropology comes around to me from those other days. Projectile points and dialogue points. Here in Hanoi I am sort of waiting. But it’s all changed as I do.

That’s the news folks. Movement and change. The old retired guy sits and drinks. Nothing stays the same.

June 28, 2020