Two weeks at home

Starting now we have two weeks of maximum social distancing in Hanoi. Cannot leave the house except for food and emergencies or if you work in essential service or industry. This is an important time for vietnam to flatten the curve even more than their aggressive mitigation strategies. Keep in mind vietnam is next door to China and has done an admirable and ethical job protecting the country. Now it’s another step to track and treat those that have entered since early March or that frequented some establishments in Hanoi or Saigon. Time to stay home, do some reading and writing and reflecting.

If you blog and you find yourself in another country tell your story. Don’t Instagram it. Tell it on your blog. The basic blog is truly a storytelling medium. You can show your followers and those that happen to find your blog you have a story. You decided to stop and take a breather and weather this storm.

I did. I stopped in Hanoi Vietnam. I could have stopped elsewhere as well like Cambodia. Vietnam has what I want though and I can stay here and live. I also stopped because I had decided to stop wandering Southeast Asia as I had done for years. That was before covid-19 times. I wanted a home for awhile. A place to breathe and stop and slow down. Southeast Asia is a perfect choice although I could have picked Taiwan too. It’s that nice there. Instead it’s here and now for me. I decided to stay in this place because I felt safer than most others. That the government here was transparent and ethical and treated all with kindness yet they remain aggressive in dealing with the issues surrounding the pandemic.

My advice FWIW.

  1. Live day by day. Nothing is gained by worrying about tomorrow.

  2. Find your stride to life. Is it meditation or yoga or reading or writing. Find the passion then do it every day.

  3. Don’t worry about immigration or visas. Vietnam and other countries understand. Have a basic plan and find out what you can do. It may cost. But what’s more important. A few hundred dollars or you?

  4. Finally keep the faith. Whatever your faith is or is not. Just believe in yourself. You are imminently powerful and will get through this.

If you find yourself in another country become a spokesperson and tell the story. What have you to lose? You can gain a lot. Perhaps going back to what blogging was once all about. It’s not all ads and followers and sponsored posts. It’s words and thoughts and storytelling. So you are a force.

Go be one.

April 1, 2020