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Two nights in Kampot

Finished the work stuff yesterday so we partied a bit. Today it got warmer and humidity went up. I went for a walk along the river but leg still hurts from a bump when I played younger man and jumped in the river and bumped my old leg against the pier. Today tried to help some cessation of pain by gentle walking and then two 400mg of ibuprofen from some pharmacy.

I spent time sitting in front of 7/11 by the bridge and watching expats come and go. I was not enlightened and instead found them a depressing lot. Studying this I got a PassApp and headed back home. Temperatures were warming up so I sat in the room and thought on nothing in particular until alin got home.

I can tell when she’s not feeling well. She gets a distant demeanor and sometimes talks in shorter sentences. I’ve mentioned her health is never good. Sometimes though basic plumbing does not work and it makes her miserable.

I just gentle down and try to do for her. For me, besides the leg and questions forever on quality and amount of sleep, I go on. I did yoga and meditation today too so overall while she goes in one direction, I feel better and go in another.

Fediverse thoughts

So I changed myself back to It was fairly easy although I think some people I followed were left behind. Everything else seemed to just work. I also decided that I’ll quit posting on my pixelfed site and focus everything back where I started. From here on, blog posts, photos, commentary and whatever will be posted in one place. I’m too old to be chasing down multiple sites. Link blogs, micro blogs, second brains all seem distant to me when I can just write here. The same with the fediverse. Multiple mastodon accounts seem like too much effort for too little gain.

Since I moved back to blot from Wordpress, I decided to simply make the blog as simple and direct as I could. Strip out cruft like Now pages or tools being used or links I would like you to follow. So in the end it’s the words. Some photos. Thoughts. A mix of diary and blog. It is called Mikes Thoughts after all.

I checked the cooking temperature of the blog grill and everything is cooked all the way through. Just right for you to partake.

May 19, 2023