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Tuesday morning

Well this is Tuesday. Somehow the distance between Monday night and today seems so short. Some little bursts of sleep. The wakefulness saga continues. There’s a dull ache sometimes even after coffee. The old retired guy brain has sprockets misfiring or not at all.

So I sit by the pool. It’s cooler this morning and I can hear Khmer voices rising in pitch. Arguments or disagreements. I’m glad to not understand Khmer too much. But a universal I think is anger and strident words lashing out. So the pool recliner is a refuge to me.

I’ll go for a walk this morning in a different direction. Find a different little scene of life unfolding. Steps to go. Perhaps I will write more ideas on this longer thing. It seems to fester if I don’t pay it attention. Luckily writing on the phone or Mac is no different thanks to the class act IAwriter is. It just lets me get down to writing. I don’t need some app to prepare or draft. It is the words down here and there that matter most.

I seem to get more words written on the go with the iPhone. I think because I see more, hear more and move. Moving like Stevenson said is the great thing. Sitting in a tower or special room would only yield word constipation. I’d feel all gummed up inside.

I also don’t need some other app to prepare for writing. When I want to write I write. And this one app bought so long ago satisfies. Even more. Makes me happy. Words written still leave goosebumps sometimes. There is power in the word and what I found so many times writing a journal or diary is those selfsame words can build me or tear me down. Same with the blog. I just want to tell you all the little thoughts on this Tuesday by the pool. How intricate and deep the water is. How the blue skies intersect with my thoughts. I think of my step by step away from here when I go. How now the cool breezes still touch the water and eddy and dance to some hidden meaning between water and world.

Life is the same. I wish to write the connection. The place I started but never arrived at. It’s a story written before but now I feel like a thing was changed this time. Years of wandering. No destination in mind. It could have been Taipei or Hong Kong that touched my feet. One thing for certain as I sit and delight in the water and sun is I never did say


And I’m glad for that. Even now in Siem Reap with all I have that wandering seems so elusive yet so close. Those little worlds I wandered down. Dusty streets and waves of the hand.

So I’ll wave to you this Tuesday. Xin Chao and hello! Have yourself a Tuesday by the pool if you may. I’ll soon go and let the steps simply sweep away everything. Like I would say with some stray thought,

Not now. Catch you later.

To you too dear readers.

May 9, 2023