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Tuesday in Blog style

It was an interesting day today. I don’t like interesting days. It always means they are complex or messed up or stressful. The old saying often attributed to Confucius was,

may you live in interesting times

Not a blessing for sure. More like a curse. I’ve wanted to get back to sharing photos but today it did not happen. Starting this morning I needed to get my wife to the doctor but the money was not there. We have enough to eat on, have coffee, etc. So I called Vietnam. Two friends. One is L and she’s Vietnamese. The other is P and he’s American. Both came through for me. P transferred 2 million VND to L’s VietcomBank account and then L transferred it to my PayPal account. I have a PayPal debit card which is very handy and which works well when I want to grab some money from either the PayPal balance or the bank backing up the account. I can withdraw only a set amount and I have to pay ATM fees internationally but I did not bother with that. I just took the money out and gave to my wife. She went to the doctor right after.

The interesting times continued when she got back home and told me what happened. She must stop eating food with sugar in it because it messes with her high blood sugar and that means no cookies or baked stuff she likes to do. She also must eat balanced meals and no alcohol. She was not so happy with the food restrictions but also felt better.

She got three shots in the butt that helps her almost immediately but make her tired. Now she sleeps next to me. The interesting times were slowing down with her peaceful rest.

So that kinda finished the whole medical moments. On to other Tuesday bloggables.

The Threads of life

  • Threads is kind of a dumb but cute app. I got tired of it in a day but it means I must delete it from the throwaway Instagram account. So I deleted both. Who the F needs instagram?
  • Finishing up paying for the house we are getting. I think some time next week we will move. I think it will take us all of one day to get everything relocated. Alin has lots of stuff. I got so little. We have a bigger fridge we bought before. Now we will have two fridges. Life is wonderful! The home owner has finished putting big wooden furniture in the rooms and new mattresses on the beds. I can’t wait to sleep in a king bed again. We will rent a truck and driver to haul our stuff for the day and leave this place and its wonderful inhabitants behind. I won’t miss the expats living here at all.
  • Tracking a few notable fediverse personalities without mastodon or pixelfed accounts. I would like to keep up with Mikka and a wonderful person that does Vietnam street photography mostly in Hanoi. I could get a mastodon account but what’s the point? I’d never follow anyone or toot or favorite or boost.

And there you have a Tuesday. Little events and life. My wife cussing about going to the doctors and then about the doctor giving more medicine. She says,

Honey there is no fucking way I want more medicine. He give me more medicine. I think fuck that medicine.

I look at her and she melts into accepting she will take more medicine but still glaring at me. I love it when she does that BTW.

But we got it all done today. Next up dinner. I am told my wife is making fish for me with potatoes and some kind of sauce. No Khmer food tonight again.

This Tuesday rolls around to the done position. All the interesting and provocative stuff is hereby done.

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