Tuesday goings on

It’s Tuesday morning and doing the Vietnamese iced coffee with milk after a bowl of pho The coffee is habit forming and delicious. I sit outdoors observing coffee house social distancing and reading some news, perhaps reading some mastodon and considering the day ahead. Nothing jumps out but there are hidden wonders in an everyday walk. Small things like flower vendors, food all over the place, and all those street vendors selling everything from shoes to brooms. They enthusiastically announce themselves on the street in Vietnamese but they’re happy to sell to anyone.

Fruit vendors stop me on the street and show me mangoes and pineapple but I miss the mangosteens. They offer bags of oranges and limes and there are produce vendors selling fresh onions and stuff.

All there. All telling stories. Some are whispers and others with small PA systems letting the entire neighborhood know.

Hanoi is roosters crowing, hot bowls of pho, street vendors walking and biking. It’s all almost under control. Truth is Vietnam is not under control. It’s chaos with traffic lights only suggestions.

It’s lovely and wonderful and addictive. Smiles and hellos and selfie pictures all the time. Rain or shine.

I may go get a haircut at a street barber. They charge about $5 and do a nice basic job. I take the beard trimming too.

Then in September I’ll do an eye exam and get new glasses. At a price so reasonable. But the eye hospital is Japanese operated and has that standard of care and service. Much like the Japanese dentist last year in Phnom Penh. It costs more sometimes. It’s still so much less than service in the US.

So now I sit. Tuesday morning coffee and the day warming up. Today much like tomorrow. A morning in Hanoi.

August 17, 2020