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Travels from Siem Reap and other stuff

Just recently we decided to travel from Siem Reap for a week or so at a few places. First off we will spend the night in Phnom Penh at a nice and cheap local hotel kind of close to the riverside. We would have just gone to Kampot from Siem Reap but the travel from here is on a 10 hour overnight bus ride and neither of us wanted that trip. Instead we will ride the LarryTA bus service to Phnom Penh which takes about 5 hours and then an express minivan service to Kampot.

You can see by the map where things are located. Kampot and Kep are located way south of Phnom Penh along the ocean. Kampot has a nice restaurant scene and I know a few retired expats living there. Kep has beaches quite close so the goal is to find a bungalow for a few nights and do nothing there.

Somewhere around there is Rabbit Island. One takes a small boat from Kep to the island and there are bungalows there too for rent.

I’m unsure how long we will spend in the locations so decided to just get a room in Kampot for a few nights and we can extend it or find a new place if we decide to stay longer. Going with A means language is easier since she is Khmer and just takes care of all the language stuff eating or going in a tuktuk.

I’ll be adding some photo galleries and sharing the trip here and on mastodon here. I tend to share images daily since both the blog and my presence on mastodon are more geared toward the day to day investigations.

Moving it along

Moving along to something else not so much about travels. Last night A and I went to a Cambodian BBQ place. Imagine the scene where the food is unlimited and cooked at the table. A bucket of six beers is brought to make things even nicer. We sat and ate repeated plates of beef and pork and then ate the wonderful vegetables like onion, green pepper, cabbage, and other stuff. Then we drank up the beer in the bucket.

From there, we took a tuktuk back to the city center area and stopped at the same bar we went to the night before and drank some beer and talked with the bar owner. A very engaging Khmer gentleman with wonderful English, great sense of humor, and enjoyed teasing A along with me.

Wonderful night spent eating and drinking!

So there is the weekend in essence. Eating and drinking and being with A which is always enjoyable and fun. Soon Kampot and Kep again and we even talked about going to Vietnam for a week. She gets two weeks for free and I get a month on an evisa. We settled on something less so perhaps later in the year we go. I think we want to visit Saigon and then Nha Trang for the beach for a few days.

So that ends both the day here and the private remonstrations in Day One. Life has become much more enjoyable and having someone to just be with most days has become a thing I want. So we will move in together in a month or so. It makes life more fun, cheaper, and definitely more interesting. A and I both have daughters so we end up talking quite a bit about both of them, ex partners or lovers, family members, whatever.

Have a good Sunday and enjoy it all in your time zone. Gonna move this little piece over to Dropbox and let it proliferate.

February 5, 2023