Traveling today north to south

Today I pack up for a few days down south. Flying to beautiful Can Tho Vietnam along the Mekong Delta where the warm winds blow and the evenings sometimes bring rain showers. It’s warm there now. The city is personable I would call it. I can reach favorite coffee shops easily. Right by my hotel is a circle K. Handy!

My room will face the river so I get sunsets on the balcony again. There’s nothing to accomplish and three days to get it done. Free breakfasts on the roof. Wonderful hotel team that makes sure I have all I need.

The flight from here to there takes 2 hours. I do this trip every so often so have gotten used to the airports and grab or taxi services. When I get to Can Tho it’s a smaller airport so it takes only minutes to get through and find a taxi to my hotel. Then there’s the city. It will be lit up at night and the river parks have beautiful seating areas and a wonderful new pedestrian bridge that always stuns me with its geometry. It’s always a subject for photographs.

now though

In my room. No hurry ever. No schedules to keep besides leaving for Noi Bai Hanoi airport by about 1230pm. It’s still morning coffee and soon will do some meditation practice. I enjoy using the Calm app for that. Then some breakfast which likely is pho and a ca phe sua da stop at Goc cafe. I still also have to pack and get laundry from upstairs.

Soon will see my Lily again. We will meet Wednesday night for food and beer at Sao Hom restaurant right along the river. At sunset. We will talk and laugh and have some time together. Then the sun will set and the evening breezes kick in. It’s warmer in Can Tho. Always basically around the 30 to 37 degree mark. So in the evenings the cold Saigon beer and some spring rolls and noodles and seafood and sitting watching the sun doing it’s setting thing. Many times have sat at this restaurant. Yelling em oi” for more service. Usually more food and beer. We both love to eat and drink.

That’s the now and almost now. Here’s a tip. Delete all your todo items. Turn off notifications. Cancel your reminders.

You will thank me for it later.

March 14, 2021