Transition here to there

And then a nice room at the Ibis Saigon airport hotel in which I will eat, drink, and do nothing for most of the day. Maybe visit the skybar and gaze not so lovingly at Saigon. I never did like the city and when I lived there could not wait to leave. This stay gives me one night and then tomorrow I fly to home to Siem Reap.

I will have spent my 30 day evisa the way I could but not the way I wanted. I would have loved taking 90 days here and traveled more in Vietnam. I don’t like rushing through or staying less time in places like Hanoi or not making it to Da Nang at my leisure. Perhaps in April will return and fly from Phnom Penh to Da Nang and then mess around there and in Hoi An and ride the train to Hue and then to Hanoi and stay a week or so. Notice I bypass Saigon completely. Yeah. That would be the goal.

Writing also transitions

I will also start writing again about Siem Reap days and what I do there using that tag. Like most of the things I write, it can be daily but often is less even though I do walk every day rain or shine. I also would like to write a bit about retirement and why people should do the things they love or want and leave the US behind. The US is not healthy for old people and we deserve to have fun and interesting lives. There is a transition there too I would like to write on. Perhaps the experiment of one for me but there are others as well I have met that have left behind the trials and hatreds and other divisive stuff and took up new lives in places where they can be appreciated and find the two things that make up life to me now,

joy and happiness

Is that not the chief goal of life?

So writing will change and I think I will use this little canvas to write more on how to take life and twist it around and make it less and better. Case in point, I left years ago with nothing. Including no debt. I still have no debt and I have no cars, RVs, trailers, homes, property. No fucking stuff. Stuff is horrible. Things are the same. We really need relatively few things in life but we think we need more. So more on that as well.

Finally writing transitions from now in Hanoi to Saigon and points in-between. Perhaps a longer blog post and maybe a photo by end of the day when this is fit to print.

On to Saigon

I think maybe for the so many times vietjet was on time. I got to Saigon and found that my king suite room was on the top floor. Beautiful place! Fitting end to a month. Had some wondrous moments. They all translate to memories and leave me with experiences.

My last days always take me away to the places and people and things done. First in Saigon seeing Tom for pizza at this place that tried to give us two pizzas. Then burgers and beers with lily. Saigon was a nothing for me. Three days of wanting to leave. I’m thankful within those moments to see my wonderful Vietnamese friends there.

My friend David taking me for tacos and then we stay and drink until the place closes. Then we go to a pizza place with over 30 craft beers on tap. Oh my.

Over to Vs home for a wondrous Vietnamese feast cooked by her and her mom. Then cooking at Paul ans boss house one day. Classic Vietnamese Tet food consumed. Burgers a few times with different people. Coffee all over and I tried to mix it up and go to new and old.

Finally just the walks. The going. Finding and feeling and taking photos. Talking photos here’s my photo gallery for my month. Hope you enjoy. Each one is special and I hardly ever delete photos.

Now back home tomorrow. I’ll be glad to be back but I am already thinking of going again. In April. No Saigon. This next time if I go it will be visiting Phnom Penh first to see some Khmer friends for a few days and then flying to Da Nang. After to Hoi An and Hue. Then the train to Hanoi.

More moments to come. As they say in the Khmer language,


Thank you. Hope you enjoyed my month. I sure as F did.

January 24, 2023