Transit times

Since I downsized most things like electronics and computing, its become easier to find a place to write it seems. Take my desk right now. At the Blue Pumpkin bakery in the Phnom Penh Airport and the iPad Air 2019 and Smart Keyboard are so easy and then I can hotspot my 4g connection and have internet that is private for the most part. It means I can sit and write or read or just decide to write a blog post like this one.

Today is a day of changes for me. I started this morning in Saigon. Now I’m in Phnom Penh. Tonight will be in Taipei. I’ll be living there for a month in a airbnb and exploring the city every day. Walking primarily, riding the light rail transit system when I want or need, and taking the photographs with the iPhone 11.

downsizing and realizing

The loss of the camera and the laptop and all the stuff that goes along with those things means a lot less in the way of plugs and batteries and adapters to carry around. It also means I can be more mobile and transition to new things while having the gear with L back in Saigon.

I’ve realized that one does not need the biggest and best or finest gear and I’ve realized also that by simple actions like using the same application and OS ecosystem one can find effective workflows and designs for the things like creating content, sharing documents with my daughter, while still trying to be reachable to L if she needs me.

Today at 245 I fly for some hours to reach Taiwan. I will go play in the city for a month and then catch the high speed rail system to 4 different cities for 7 days each. I built this on a whim but I enjoy high speed rail and I figured it was a way of using my moments in Taiwan to experience different cities while having a very cost effective and fun way of seeing the island and people. I know no one there so it becomes truly wandering the cities and seeing the things without having people as connections.

I’ll be creating the content, sharing the photographs and enjoying the walking each day. Hope you enjoy the content and the new places.

I will.

October 18, 2019