To Quy Nhon and Beyond

This is a little travel digest. It takes me from Hanoi to my first place. Hope you enjoy…

Today I fly! But I fly later. My flight got delayed a few hours so I have more time here in Hanoi this morning. Since I have no real goals there, it’s easy to just accept the delay. My friend L and I will do dinners after tonight I guess. She wants hotpot and Japanese food there.

Now I will head to the airport around 130pm so I can get through the check in process and also security. The domestic travel in Vietnam is really moving along. Airports are really busy it seems so I just allow myself coffee time at the airport and sufficient time for people watching.

First though is breakfast and some of my morning addiction. Vietnamese iced coffee. Perhaps a bakery or maybe a small cafe I know. I’ll post this to the blog this evening when I reach the Quy Nhon part. I’m gone a week so will record two more places yet to come. Saigon is up after Quy Nhon and then Can Tho. Then a week from today back here. So now let’s kick breakfast in the butt. Onward!

to the airport and before

So before airport was time with my friend Paul. He surprised me and we met at a local cafe we both frequent. We talk a lot about Vietnam and the US and families. After a few hours of coffee and talk about his new house here I got a grab car to the airport. The ride takes about 40 minutes. Costs about $8. The domestic airlines are busy and flying around Vietnam is pretty easy. Also cheap. To clear security, a face mask must be worn and temperatures are taken. Clearing baggage control is like everywhere. Passport or ID and flight ticket. Baggage screened and then through. Now I’m at a cafe after a bowl of pho and have an hour until I go. The flight takes over an hour so will pick this back up after reaching the hotel and the many hugs and teasing given and received from my L.

in Quy Nhon

This is the final chapter of the first day. I reached the destination. At the hotel where my L works. Quy Nhon is beautiful and very touristy where I am staying. Lots of restaurants and coffee shops and beer bars. I think I’ve realized its the going for me. I just need to be gently moving from a place to another place. Tomorrow I’ll start moving within the new place and see the things which are there for me to find with only two days of wandering. Pictures to come of my purposeless wandering. Tonight across the street for some beer and food.

I wanted to just write today here and see where the words would take me. It’s made me glad to be able to wander around in Vietnam by bus, train, or plane. Now its food and beer time and then back to the room. The room I have is beautiful and i always feel like spoiling myself in the hotels I find to stay in. I really came here to see L but also see a city I have not been to. Investigations commence after breakfast on the rooftop tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

October 12, 2020