Thursday touching Taipei

It’s a day touching other days. Moments wind around and give me a coffee shop with a toasted bagel. Taipei is delicious this time of year. Cool temperatures, wonderful places to find perhaps hidden away where my feet and camera can find them.

I have a week left give or take. It’s been an interesting almost month here now. My first real stop on 7 months of slowly going. A week from Monday I start riding the high speed rail south along the western coast of Taiwan to 4 different cities. I spend a week in each and then return to Taipei for two nights. I’m truly grateful for the free visa exemption that gives me 90 days here.

Touching the moments has let me see that my way of going is a good way. The slow movements let me settle in to the places a bit. Find the coffee shops and night markets. No rush in translation. Just meandering steps as each moment evolves to an experience. Now with a week left I can add up visiting a little bit of Taipei. I’m so glad I came here to start the longer wandering basically around the world.

But now it’s coffee in Louisa Coffee Shop and the pace of the morning as the latte warms my morning soul. I read an article about a retired couple that overland in a truck with camper. Good for them I think. But to me the truck and camper is a huge liability. It’s a big piece of debt waiting to break down, require service, towing, gas and vehicles no matter their purpose are made for frustration. I’m glad I got rid of it all. Anyone can go. Choose your method. But go slow. See the places. Treasure the moments. Kinda like this morning with the latte in the coffee shop. A stop that transforms to a blog post.

November 6, 2019