Mastodon Michael Perry

Thursday morning detritus

I’ve considered pretty carefully how I wish to use mastodon. I installed the Ice Cubes app. Blocked and muted some people. Unfollowed others. I don’t think it is going to work for me. I just don’t find enough of value or even things that are fun left behind.

I’m still tired of the content. Of forever reading and rereading the same stuff or different.

So while I started on mastodon again on my birthday 2022, I’m ending today. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the fediverse. But there’s nothing inherently right either. I can’t find a happy place to be with it. I don’t like being paralyzed with analysis. So like right now I quit. I do the one thing which gently removes me from the mix and just write here. We all need some measure of a social network of people, places, things. Paintings on some cave wall or writing some blog post.

The current fediverse is not for me. Nor is the one coming with more polarizing content. More Twitter refugees create less value for me. The concept of town square has been reformatted to those yelling the most about whatever their social cause is. I think it’s fine to peddle your causes. I just choose which ones are mine.

Bye bye It’s not your fault. Perhaps in the end it’s me. I’m broken.

March 2, 2023

March days