Three month visa extension

Will get a final visa extension in a few weeks. That will put my final months here down. Then February I don’t know. Go here or go there. Singapore is a possibility. Going to Costa Rica is too. Why I might even go back to the US for a day or two. It’s highly unlikely that would happen. I would spend more money to not go back. It’s not that I hate America. It’s just not my home.

When we had dinner last night, I realized that I will leave in February. Even if I could get monthly extensions here in Vietnam there’s no reason to do that. So perhaps a plan will emerge by January but likely not. I don’t do plans. There’s also no real reason to things. Or false reason even. My ex wife was fond of wanting a plan for things. Vacations, trips, meals. She would say,

Let’s plan that out shall we

I don’t think so. I never did like them so inside I would say F that. Now I embody the F that answer.

Anyways in three months Vietnam is gonna be receding in the distance. Perhaps that date is February 5th. I dunno. I want to leave before Vietnamese Tet holidays hit and things go nuts here. Last night I drank a bit on it. And on other things. The dinner was so good and different and I’ll miss the guys here. They’ve helped me a lot and how often do I get to be an uncle? That’s what I’m called here and I like it. It’s a larger family and the ties stretch and it’s nice. I also drank on all of this blogging and other stuff I do and I like it all. The forays to Facebook I like. I like my mastodon instance. I like Reddit. So the chances of doing some digital minimizing is non existent for me. Then there’s blogging here. I have the pro plan and got 5 years. I’ve realized I can only blog in one place. I cannot do a micro type blog and this thing. So writing here is all you get of my BS.

I can’t see changing my social milieu in months because as I found last night with cans of Halida beer I’m happy. I can’t see finding some plan because my soul rebels. I know I will go in three months because I must go. It’s the end of the last three months. A year spent in safety in Vietnam amidst the craziness now in the world. So I think the three months will be like other three month stints I’ve done here. Three months in Malaysia last year. Months bouncing around Cambodia. Then it ends and I go on. There is no next. Sorry ex wife. There is now.

October 30, 2020