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The walking ways

Today you get two photos for the price of none. I have been walking a slightly different time since it is Khmer New Years. Around Siem Reap the town gets wild at night these days with water guns and stuff so I changed up the time to mornings. Today I wanted to simply go on some movement.

This leaf attracted me not because of some outstanding beauty but let’s face it all these things glitter and shine. The green color was inviting and the leafy veins always seem so simple yet complex to me. I also love the macro photography with the iPhone 14 pro. It may not be some perfect camera but for me out walking. It does what I want at all times and I can just go and find things like this path to go.

There was the path down other side streets. Leading me back to the main road I wished to walk on. All round Siem Reap the sidewalks shine with their walkable nature. Today I exercised and indulged those sidewalks and found scenes stretching. Almost touching together down farther. So I walked. Walked. Went.

Before I knew it though, I was sitting at the park benches by the Angkor National Museum. A designated Mike resting place. I looked back at the way I came and saw the ever widening and lessening paths in Siem Reap. Dirt roads and small pathways. Smiling people waving and saying hello!”.

April 16, 2023