The last week winding down

I guess this is my last week. I fly back home next Tuesday in the morning so I will go for a few nice walks, take some of the photos I enjoy taking of people, little things, places and sharing them.

I also am very happy with how the blog ended up with the features and stuff I added. It is more basic than WordPress was. Always seemed WordPress had more features like plugins and themes I would never really tap into. Also the writing seemed difficult or taxing at times and I really disliked the block editor thing. Now writing into a markdown file and then sharing it out to Dropbox becomes an easy goal to publish whatever. Also photo sharing becomes so much easier. I can simply embed photos once I upload them to Smugmug. I just get the embed code and copy into IAWriter. Much nicer than wrangling with the actual images.

I’ve not met a few of the people I had hoped to see here. I met new people here and managed to see my friend Van a few times. I took them out for burgers the other day which was nice. David and I shared a few meals here and there. Last night was the best for beer and food at 7 Bridges Taproom. We had Chicago deep dish pizza and numerous beers. Very nice! He leaves on a visa run to Laos soon so will not see him again.

The other thing around Vietnam which has come up a few times to me is the visa situation. Namely it sucks. The 30 day evisa thing is horrible for those that wish to go slower and see more. I would have done things much differently if I could have had 90 days here. Maybe then Siem Reap would have been home for awhile” and I would just have engaged the wanderer. Now I go home in a week. I love Siem Reap and living there is easy except for a few people I have to deal with when I get back. I have to make decisions about them and how life is with or without them. I don’t mind leaving them behind or keeping them around. I’m just not a people person. Ever. Staying longer in Vietnam would have changed that. The real decision is returning in April which is only a few months away. I cannot see coming back to just spend 30 days so I won’t return. Instead I think I should go to Malaysia for 90 days. I would enjoy that. I would always take Malaysia over Thailand because the culture and history is so much more interesting. Then there’s the food.

I wrote this note about going to Egypt and Morocco late last year. I have this desire to see the pyramids at Giza and a few other things so that could be a thing. I have a friend in Dubai that lives there so somehow would wrangle that into the trip. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Always are those words.

Anyways, happy with how my trip went. Things I got to do especially in Hanoi. Happy with the blog and how it is. Happy to be going home. So I am happy!

This is probably not the last post of the day. I have this desire to write something on yesterday so I will do that perhaps starting on the iPhone when I’m out going wherever I’m going later. I can then add in the photos easily.

Take care all.

January 17, 2023