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A day of wandering January 12, 2023 Vietnam Visit I had a really nice day today. Took off a little late after some coffee with my friend David. Decided to head for the historic Long Bien Bridge Thursday blog post January 12, 2023 Vietnam Visit & writing I could not come up with a catchy title this morning over my coffee in my little room. Instead I am sitting here with the window open and feeling Hanoi times slowly slipping away January 11, 2023 Vietnam Visit & writing I missed yesterday writing here for a few little reasons like I did not feel really publishing the post I started about this friend of mine here. I a blog post a day the Hanoi way January 9, 2023 Vietnam Visit I’ve been wanting to write something for the blog every day I am in Hanoi and I think been doing pretty good. Also sharing a few photos here and Taking a day January 8, 2023 Vietnam Visit I’m about halfway through the entire thing to Vietnam. The last few days I have managed to do things, see a few people, find some stuff which I Saturday Morning for you January 7, 2023 Vietnam Visit It’s been a fun week so far in Hanoi. Much more fun than the few days in Saigon except for meeting Lily and Tom for dinner. I sat around last night There went Hanoi January 6, 2023 Vietnam Visit Today I was sitting at the lake for the morning coffee. No real plans which is always good. My iPhone buzzed annoyingly at me and I almost decided Getting the weekends January 5, 2023 Vietnam Visit I am not sure any longer what a weekend is but I guess one approaches. The weather here is gonna take a nice turn so I think will walk down to Hoan A day between other days January 4, 2023 Vietnam Visit I decided to take a day to just doing simple little things around my room today. Yesterday did this really nice walk and almost made it to Hoan Kiem Power and painting January 3, 2023 Vietnam Visit There’s the little parts of Hanoi I love. Only way to see them is walking. Bikes and scooters and tour buses won’t get you there. Cars not even from then to now January 3, 2023 Vietnam Visit I’ve been in Vietnam almost a week. Means I have three left. Saigon was 3 days of seeing two friends, putting up with the things I dislike there and Just a reminder January 3, 2023 Vietnam Visit I don’t post all the photos on the blog but I do add more on mastodon if you want to catch up there ever. All of the stuff I post is day to day now Hanoi Coming on Strong January 2, 2023 Vietnam Visit I’ve been here a few days now. Found a few places from the way back machine where I guess people remember me. Some things are invariably different