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How we move September 25, 2023 mindfulness & time & space I’m amazed sometimes considering my own little voyage in mindfulness how some believe we must do “a thing” with it. Like focus on something or lack. Morning time and coffee time September 7, 2023 coffee & writing & time When we moved to the house I started missing Moonrise Coffee as the regular stop. It seemed I would just drop in different places. Have a latte. As time permits August 29, 2023 time & moments & happiness & sadness Time is one of the weird things. We learn early on to tell time. To get things done on time. To be productive and manage time wisely. Since I Whistling down some wire July 30, 2023 life & love & time & place & going In the last days, my wife and I have talked numerous times. She to tell me she loves me completely. Me to tell her I love her completely. I need her June 1 and six months May 31, 2023 writing & journaling & time Wow. We have been doing the 5am thing for six months now. I’ve been with Alin for 7 months. Going on forever. She just left with her friend to go