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One day of movement July 20, 2023 moving & family & life We really did the moving thing today. Rented this huge tuktuk to haul over our stuff. Driver had to make two trips. We packed up which took an hour. Last Evening Maybe July 18, 2023 moving & misery & life & joy & pain It’s been an interesting time living here. Overall very nice with the swimming pool and the Taphul neighborhood with its coffee shops and One day until we go July 15, 2023 moving & living & family It is Sunday today so I have like usual this time to sit down and correspond with everyone that reads this. Life has become the last months this Monday starts July 2, 2023 moving & friends & family Was quite a weekend. Drunk Khmer friends next door. Our mom arriving and staying there. Alin finds a home for us. Now it seems we need the home Koh Kong tomorrow June 19, 2023 travel & moving & writing Pretty excited to be going early. Today though got things to do. First breakfast at the bakery cafe down the street. We need something besides Khmer Moving Times are almost upon us June 3, 2023 life & moving & writing Today my wife let me know she wants to change apartments after our beach trip. We will spend a few weeks looking at various 1 and 2 bedroom