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My year retrospective September 5, 2023 love & memories & moments & cambodia & vietnam It’s close to my year in Cambodia. I got here in September 2022. Spent weeks in Phnom Penh. I knew I did not want to live there. So I got the Times Touching August 26, 2023 memories & moments & experiences & Vietnam Lately I think I’ve looked back for whatever reason. Sitting in the park yesterday with my Kindle, I started writing a thing for myself on memories Last Monday we celebrate July 16, 2023 changes & life & Cambodia & memories Turning around to our last Monday in the current place. Waiting for my paycheck to deposit. Alin takes the money to the land owner and we have a Tuesday now July 3, 2023 morning & coffee & memories & moments It seems our days until we can move to the house crawl by. Now it’s instant coffee in the room. I think will move outdoors and enjoy the cooler Thursday morning June 28, 2023 memories & people & places So the wrath of the head cold continues. Alin made me some stuff to drink early on. Fresh garlic and honey and water boiled. The stuff maybe had Same Friday it seems June 8, 2023 memories & moments & writing The days kinda blend together here. One day my wife and I get up, she watches some videos and laughs and I pretend to read the news. I am A story June 5, 2023 memories & story & writing Once upon sometime, there was this small startup company in San Francisco. The company took people from a well known clothing company and operated