Sweeping my room

Yes today I swept my room. In sitting here this morning before breakfast i felt guilty or at least notably lacking in keeping my small castle clean. It’s a single room but it’s mine. So I went and hunted the broom and moved a few things from the floor. Ten minutes done.

Living in a room is pretty easy here. The house is 4 floors. Lucky arrangement I am told. Auspicious. I don’t know. I’ve just lived this way since 2014. It’s a minimal relationship and responsibility and I don’t feel I have these rooms to worry over. The common areas are cleaned a few times a week by Van. She comes in and really keeps the place nice. There is a kitchen I hardly use except for the hot water kettle. And the fridge for fruit and beer.

Downstairs is where the motorbikes are kept. Yes they get a room on the first floor. One comes in through there and takes shoes off and puts on rack and then up the stairs.

There is free WiFi which is pretty good. It almost never shuts down but sometimes we have issues. Most people rely on cellular service here but WiFi is all over. Even public service. I have 4g service with Viettel. It’s a state run thing so service is pretty good. I pay once a month and it’s automatic. I get 15gb of data but normally only use about 10 in a month because I just use it all the time when out. I pay about $7 a month and get calls and text. No contract.

So I finished sweeping my room. It’s kinda clean. Good enough I suspect. Daily life here is not difficult. Now I decide it’s almost time for breakfast and coffee. Down the street in 10 minutes is the Mystic Cafe. I go there often. Sometimes for cold beers and chicken fried rice. They have a nice menu. Maybe a breakfast burrito and most excellent Hanoi coffee.

That’s my day. A Sunday spent in little. I did sweep my room out.

October 31, 2020