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Sunday Morning Blogging down

It’s been awhile since just writing like this on a Sunday for me. Sitting at Time Coffee and enjoying the morning. Ideas and feelings float by. Some I think on entertaining. Others are whimsies. Perhaps they are better in the long run.

One of the little joys of blogging on blot is just this. Writing in a park. A coffee shop. A bench when the 🇰🇭 sun touches and makes shadows. My kindle answers with words left to be read. Some fiction or other about Alexander the Great. It’s entertaining and fun and the adventures of the boy strike some chord. He’s naughty and nice and one day will own. But now he’s only 7. Macedonian 7. I think that’s like 14 in regular boy years.

I also revel in private words these days. I’ve wanted to recalibrate my Going West stories. To make them more. To take from my little personal adventures. Perhaps show a single life is not single. It is the pieces that almost fit together of years spent going. First in marriage that failed. Then going to go. And finally finding this last thing. My wife here. Some of our times lately seem hell spent and I know life together after being apart for decades is also a rough go. And I’m no easy point on the compass.

So going is so going. It’s not arriving or finishing or giving up. A meditation instructor I admire called it all a practice. And meditation is the practice of nothing. Just to take it all to even a different step (pun intended) I found this wonderful foray into walking. It shows in such simple terms the going.

Sunday reimagined

And I finish a wonderful latte at Time Coffee by the river. I tap tap this on my iPhone.

I feel the going welling up in me. To be not here or there. And I shall.

What this blog post gives up is Sunday. Not a thing to finish. Finishing something is overrated. I’ll message my wife and tell her I love her. She needs to hear that more. To be honest we have had strange times lately. I can’t place them. So I just go at the basic things like the article says. Taking my steps. Letting my feet gently wander the park or trail or sidewalk. And I can find the going is key. That’s why we have the saying,

Letting it go

Because if we hold on to all things our lives are nothing more than memories. So as Jeff would say in meditation,

Not now. I’ll come back to you later.

Good for going and being on the go and letting things go.

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