street cafe sights

Here on the edge we sit outside to drink and eat. Most cafes and beer bars have tables outside. You can bring food to eat and then drink. At this cafe I got tiger beers with a glass of ice and sat for some time. I met a guy named Neil who lives here. We chatted momentarily. Then he went home. I went to beer.

I guess it’s one of the basic things here I take for granted. Not many places have signs like,

no outside food allowed

Instead people bring their stuff. I often get banh mi from one place and go to a coffee house to eat. Kind of a basic thing here. But it’s really a social and networking thing. People gather and talk outdoors at coffee shops. An informal coffee network. In the evenings it’s beer. Then there’s a buzz of conversation, laughter. See?

The social network lives.

March 15, 2021