some moments

Yesterday was a nice day. Over by Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the park where Ho Chi Minh had his real house. Not the presidential palace but his stilt house where he spent his time. There are beautiful gardens and pools of water.

There are little moments to simply stop at. I always think we strive for the big things. The best sunsets, most stunning thing in whatever genre of whatever it is we publish and share. Or what we create.

Instead we have little moments that all blend together but we lose sight of them.

We should simply stop at the pool of water and look at the reflections which give us back another aspect of the very life we are leading.

Tet is fast approaching now. Only a few days left in Vietnam and then back home. I’ll publish a few thoughts next week on the coming, staying, and going. Meanwhile daily little moments captured on walks persist.

January 19, 2023