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Seeing days roll by

One of the nicest things is the weather this time of year in Siem Reap. I am really enjoying just the daily sights and sounds and the warm days and cool evenings.

The walking along the river always yields some beauty of things and yesterday I ended for awhile over at Heritage Park which is a food court and little mall area I really enjoy. There are still some lunar new year decorations there which I also like.

There are the little green things which make me stop and want to remember them.

It all makes the daily going feel slower and I can always stop and find the things which I love to capture and remember. The blog really does all that well. Especially now on blot. I have this convergence feeling with how it all works that I think was missing from before on Wordpress. It just feels better to write here and even record how my days seem to not flash by or creep by but just roll by.

Walking, spending time with A, finding a warm and sensuous person to occupy the days is something to me as well. All of it makes life in Cambodia seem not so much like some visit but like I told my daughter on the phone,

this is home to me

And it is only the second time in years of wandering to find such a thing.

Writing it out

The days and the writing all seem to reach some delicate threshold of life here. I left Wordpress to find a basic thing but then I decided to offer up webmentions and commenting as well and I even got webfinger to work. Most of all though is the joy of writing where the words are in the editor I choose and I can make the blog as simple as I want. I felt sometimes before overrun with choice and alternatives when all I wanted was to write. Write it out.

Now here, things have become just me and IAWriter and the words. Blot takes them and makes them into something for me. I don’t need fancy services or profiles. I just want the words to come up and go. If you read them, I’m happy and I’m glad you do but they are mine. Like I’ve said, everything starts here and then percolates out. Simplicity to letting the days roll by and letting the words come out.

January 31, 2023