Second day ahoy

It’s on to a second day in Quy Nhon. Drank some beer last night and enjoying my beautiful room this morning. The hotel is very nice. I have two days to wander around so will start here after some breakfast and room time. I may walk down to the beach today. No real plans.

This will be another post where I encapsulate my day of seeing the city, dinner out tonight, and then final thoughts on the first day of meandering. I’ll share some photos on what I see later.

breakfast and meeting L’s cousin

I think I mentioned that L works at this hotel. This morning I met her cousin in the restaurant for breakfast. Her cousin is the hotel manager. True to form, every Vietnamese person I have ever met tries to feed me more food than I can eat! She stopped by many times offering more noodles, fruit, different flavors of jelly for my toast, desserts. My gosh. What a delightful and authentic person. She said they were so glad I had come. Me too. Now it’s just enjoying the room time and writing in my journal a bit. I will probably leave at 11am.

on the walk, by the beach

Today walked down the beach walk as far as I wanted to go. This is late in the season so only a few people here and there. It was a warm kinda humid day. Here’s some photos of the beach area and the main part of the beach front road. Lots of small cafes and coffee shops. I stopped for an iced tea at a street stall and then decided to walk back toward my hotel.

It’s hard to see a city like Quy Nhon in two days so am not gonna try. Need to come back. I decided to just see the part of the ocean and beach stuff today. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. Will make it up when tomorrow comes along.

There are lots of interesting looking side streets for me to come back and see again. Perhaps I will do one more trip here before I leave.

Now I sit out on my balcony with a 7up. The air is warm and still cloudy out. Lots of building going on here. The balcony gives me a place with outside views to feel the somewhat cooler air and sit with the iPad. Thoughts swirl in no particular order. Vietnam. Cambodia. Taiwan. Japan. Thailand. Singapore. Laos. Hong Kong. Malaysia. Places. Gone and loved. Places walked and beer drank. Wonderful food eaten and the most enjoyable and authentic people met. The edge. The place between this and that. Now in Quy Nhon. Soon in Saigon. Still all Vietnam.

My L works until 6pm. Did I mention I almost lost her. But unusually for me and relationships with women I got her back. Back to being in each other’s life. It’s made a significant difference to be with her. Her cousin said she was hurt and wanted me back since she left Saigon. How to explain the inexplicable, the unique, the wonderful feelings of this Vietnamese woman. I could call returning,

The land of a thousand hugs

It seems coming back that again life took me for a spin, let me test drive feelings, and remind me how it feels to once again have her in my life. I at least got that many hugs from this wonderful person. Having a relationship with a Vietnamese woman is different, the same, and both. Kinda like what I said before,

Same same but different

So wonderful the finding her again and her cousin telling me how much she missed me. Thank you Vietnam.

tonight Japanese food with L

The finale for today is dinner with L. I’ll post this to the blog after we get done eating. We had this wonderful Japanese dinner tonight. We reminisced about a year ago when we went to the theater in Saigon and saw the Joker. Then it was Gogi Korean bbq after the movie.

Soon after the walk through memories, sushi and sashimi main courses came out and were most excellent but we also had geoza and okanomiyaki. I have not had okanomiyaki since I was in Hiroshima Japan.

A wonderful day today.

October 13, 2020