Saturday morning quiet times

It seems like the normal noise of a Hanoi morning has calmed down with Tet. The celebration days start officially tomorrow but many places have closed and let their employees head home to families and food and partying. There’s always these moments before the holiday it seems. I remember the Tet two years ago when I was here and the city had grown quiet on the day.

Now it is another Saturday and the days dwindle down to only two left in Hanoi after today. I fly on Tuesday morning to Saigon for a night at a nice airport hotel and then leave Wednesday for home. Getting back to Siem Reap also means it is time to confront a few personal things I need to deal with there but I was thinking over room coffee this morning how nice it will be to get back and have the neighborhood people and places again. Our little neighborhood is pretty close knit so people will always wave and say good morning. Ricky Coffee is always nice for a latte and time to read some news or write a blog post or toot a toot. Then across the street is Sambo restaurant which does Thai and Khmer foods. I know all the people that work there including the manager. The nice lady and man that run our little local store with the cold Angkor beer will wave and tell me good morning. Just down the street are more coffee stands and then some nice breakfast choices can be had pretty close.

Siem Reap is a nice life if you want the happiness of a city with decent infrastructure but still this country life not so far away. Just outside the city one can find dirt roads and small stores and kids waving and yelling in English.

But I am here you say

Yep. So I will just move along I think to West Lake and continue writing here. I always have thoughts on Hanoi. My walk yesterday triggered a lot of it. I found places I had not seen before. Then the blog post happened. The main thing here is how I have wanted the blog to be the central point for things. I want the blog to be home and all other things come from there. I don’t need sites for fancy profiles or statuses. I’m not after all that fun. I just have wanted the central place where I write. I left WordPress so I could have the basic writing back again without block editors and databases and a lot more cost for hosting and services. For me, I think creativity and writing is spurred on by simplicity.

I think more of this shall come in a bit when I decide to have some coffee at the lake and write on the iPhone there. Another joy is to be able to just shift to something else and have the post waiting in the editor to be continued. So let us kick this can down the road and I hope coffee by the lake can be had this morning. We’ll see :-).

Coffee at the lake

Success! Another challenge taken care of. Sitting at the lake. Sun is already out this morning so the promise of a nice day to come. I’ve come to the same cafe it seems for years. The nice ladies know my order and always wave and tell me xin chao. Even after being gone for a few years it was like I had just left the day before.

Now I sit at the lake. Coffee waiting for my appreciation. Tomorrow probably gonna be closed but today is now. Words always seem poised when I reach the chair and tables and the ca phe sua da reaches the inner sanctum.

I also look at my flight info because vietjet is not to be trusted. They will change the flight numerous times to capture people arriving on another flight. Now my flight goes to Saigon at 1010am on Tuesday. I have a night at the beautiful Ibis Saigon airport hotel. Skybar, pool, warmer temperatures.

Yeah. Life is good. Even spending a night in Saigon seems ok.

January 21, 2023