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Saturday and the last week

Yesterday was pretty good. Got the blog content from Wordpress into blot and also messed with webfinger a bit. The poor man’s mastodon instance I guess :-). I also found out how much I really missed IAwriter for doing all I want to do with words. Publishing now is copying a markdown file from one place to another. It really creates a smoother iteration for me and writing plus the little bit of wandering I have left to do in a week in Vietnam.

It has felt the last days I went a lot with others, visited, did things together and I have to admit to not being a social person. So today I decided to take a day and do nothing. No walks, fun explorations of Hanoi. Just go at some other pace. I’ve felt at times on the visit that I only had 30 days” to go. That’s part of the reason why I only decided to do two places this time. There are still people I would very much love to see again. I am hoping that this next week I get to see Chinh and her husband for coffee or dinner. My other friend Cat is married and lives outside of Hanoi teaching English in a village. I don’t think will get to see her for coffee. Thirty days are just not enough at least for me.

I think on the writing, I was incredibly happy with Wordpress. It just did everything for me. I could find plugins and themes and write with Ulysses and life seemed good. You know what? It was and it wasn’t. There was this other movement with words. Simplicity and ease that seemed missing at times. Wordpress seemed complex and involved and sometimes way too much for what these words hold. That’s why about a week ago I decided to move somewhere. I knew it would not be something like Hugo or Jekyll. I don’t understand them and they seem complex to me like learning some other spoken or written language. I really wanted something like set and forget. Blot has always been that way. There just are no moving parts to it besides maybe Dropbox. And I get like I intimated back into a relationship with IAWriter.

A week left?

No sweat. No hurry. Nothing happens in the time it is supposed to ever and in fact time is nothing. I have wonderful moments to fill with memories and experiences my last week. Little moments still to share like out on my walking find a thing I have seen so many times yet marveling at the construction and meaning.

On to some room coffee. Have a good Saturday. You deserve. I know I do so today I give myself a Saturday for only me.

January 14, 2023