Saturday and Sunday

Not a combined what I did on the weekend post but I actually have plans for tomorrow. My friends Paul and Duyen here in Hanoi video called me last night. Paul is an American retiree expat living in Hanoi and Duyen his Vietnamese wife. We talked a long time on Facebook messenger and they shared videos of their two boys. Since they just moved to a new house, now the Vietnamese next door neighbors are instant friends too so I saw the little girl that lives next door in the video chat. Vietnamese are fun people! Anyways we had talked about today getting together which is difficult for them since they are still cleaning up after moving, but tomorrow is the plan. Tomorrow we will do sushi at this restaurant I spotted close to here. Duyen is a big sushi fan and she had seen my pictures from Quy Nhon when we went to a really nice Japanese restaurant. So the plan was conceived.

Of course, it’s a plan and time is involved so any number of things can intercede or make us change the date. It’s all ok because a plan is not a plan and tomorrow is just as good as next Tuesday or whatever day. Neither of us remember the days sometimes.

photography this and that

I mostly read news on this app called Flipboard which for me just works. One of my topics is photography which I have had an interest in for years having owned a number of fujifilm camera and lens. I gave all that up in favor of the iPhone 11 and then the iPhone 11 Pro because they fit both the workflow and my desire to share photographs on Reddit, mastodon and sometimes here. The iPhone 11 Pro is a fun photography buddy for me but now we have the iPhone 12 series out. Camera enhancements are significant. I really prefer smaller devices so the iPhone 12 pro is gonna be what I get. I will never buy another digital camera. For what I want and need, the iPhone and the ecosystem work for me. Your needs most likely vary and it’s good. One of the advances is on the software side and an app called Halide mark II is out which does some cool stuff with creating RAW images and then applying selective edits to them based on the image, the phone being used,and conditions during the shot being taken. A nice write up on my preferred news media is here. I really like the nature of this app and it’s changes. It’s not drppping the default camera app but it is creative control over outcomes when I go out walking around with the camera which is just about every day here. Yeah! Hanoi is that exciting and diverse.

back to the weekend

Now back after that meander. It’s the morning on Saturday. Yeah. Saturday. My iPad tells me so. It’s morning coffee and some nonsense in some news feed about some election happening in a country far, far away. I hear a rooster. Telling me to see the beautiful Hanoi morning.

Yes a beautiful weekend has come. Saturday and soon Sunday. It’s time to do nothing and excel at it. Enjoy your times.

October 23, 2020