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It’s a Saturday in Siem Reap so I decide to walk to Time Coffee along the river. I’ll sit awhile here and never feel rushed. It’s like most coffee houses. Open air to enjoy the cool morning, sun shining, the river just some 100 feet away. Today more people here. Often I am alone.

It seems like I have this regular path I enjoy. Iced latte and then more walking. A stop at Heritage Park Mall. Some reading there or at residence park. Sitting. Saturday and me.

Sometimes the home feelings flounder. Things feel forced or even ugly. People on some side of their Saturday. Then it’s time to leave. Before Saturday breaks people into angry little pieces.

What I miss? I’d like a public library. A place to commune and just be. Perhaps the scent or all those words come rolling by. I don’t remember my last time in one. Perhaps in California when times were bad. The library with free WiFi seemed like a break. A place to slowly reboot. To take back and find again. Not just the silence but the air. The feeling of authors lining their walls. Maybe whispering,

Find me! I’ll enrich or make you unhappy or take you on a journey to a far flung place.

And the library was just next door so to speak. Yet so far it could take me. Past ugly words and those people wielding tempers like swords.

I’ll take here

Today. Alone. Not lonely. Just the forever feel of a coffee and a river. I’ll take this place until I’m done. Then walking claims me again. Slow. Easy. Blue morning skies. No goals. No needs. Just moments.

I’ll talk to the owner and tell her to change the name to Moment Coffee. Because time is so spurious and I want none of it.

I also read some news using RSS. When did it become so little? Well I think it always was. There is no enticing or even lackluster feature with it. I only do it for my own ease. Headlines and blogs. News and tech. This Saturday I resist the news urge. The little panoply of lines and sources. Never anything more. Some day just not this Saturday I’ll stop again with it. When it bores me even more than normal.

Finally there’s me on Saturday. A coffee and some time. Mud on my shoes. Words and feelings. Emotions and thoughts. We are prisoners of it all. Like the saying,

I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant

Source: Alan Greenspan

Yeah. Thanks Alan. All of that please. This blog post ends. I’m sure you understand. Or not.

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