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Saigon Overnighting

We made it to Vietnam and our first stop Saigon. Nothing here for us but a night of rest and some attempted taxi scams. I don’t care for this city at all but it’s the choice we have flying in from Cambodia. We ordered some room service food and found to our incredulity that the hotel did not serve beer with room service after some hour. I asked the room service guy,

this is Vietnam! You are telling me no beer?

I told my wife then that if this were Cambodia the hotel attendant would run down the street if need be to get beer for us. Probably another reason for not living here along with the relative cost of stuff around the airport in Saigon.

Since we got in late we still have not really gotten the sleep back from the night with the grandkids and still have to wake up early to do meds. Alin trusts me to always wake her up at 5am for those important blood pressure meds.

This morning we will mess around and relax at the hotel all morning and then take the shuttle to the airport at 1pm and catch our afternoon flight to Da Nang. We have a hotel for 5 nights there so we will unpack and get comfortable plus find a local store or market and buy some stuff like water, beer, goodies.

Tomorrow is a free day for us. So it will be the beach and pool and not much else.

Just a note on the Saigon customs and immigration. It sucks. It has always sucked and always will. The customs guys have surly attitudes and act like we do them some favor being a tourist in their country. If you visit Cambodia the customs people seem much happier to have those that visit. Especially in Siem Reap.

Like I mentioned to Alin, it is why we live in Cambodia and only visit here. I love Vietnam but some of it really underwhelms me. They need to give the customs people some energy and basic support for the people visiting and spending kazillions of dollars here.

More on Da Nang tomorrow. Now we will do food.


April 18, 2023