Resurrecting here

I’m going to be writing here again. I’ve bounced around and have realized perhaps what I have known. There is a connection for me with and i enjoy writing here. The is not going away but I feel the ability to write my missives and stuff better fits here. I repointed my custom domain here, took out the garbage, and the rooster is crowing. Hanoi is one of the cities which I will always come back to. I have so many Vietnamese friends here I will miss come February. Can’t foresee the future. Hell, I don’t even know what I’ll do tomorrow. I do feel that 2021 is going to be a year of wandering different shores and continents. Southeast Asia has been my home, my edge, my wonder and sometimes amazement for years. Now I go back to California for a few days, get to see my daughter and her mom, then fly to Mexico. My friend Tina asked yesterday what I wanted to do there. I don’t know. I never do. My gut feeling is I’ll spend all of next year doing what I do. Or not doing much of anything. Take your pick.

I do know that the US is not for me. I don’t care for any part of it. I visit there and cannot wait to go. When I left in February this year, it was to Vietnam. When I leave in February it will have almost been a year here. The longest I’ve stayed anywhere in years.

So this is the welcome back post after some wandering and seeing different ports of call to write my drivel. I’ll be spending time here and on my micro blog and we will see how that works out. Photographs are always on and sometimes here. Bye for now you crazy denizens.

December 8, 2020