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Redoing my lazy photo page

Before I removed things, I had this page setup that I could post random photos to and also tell stories about. The idea was not just a page with a bunch of photos but every one tells some story and I wanted them separate from the main posts so with David’s help at Blot I did this filtered page based on a single category and voila! Its back!

Now to the story. This photo was taken in a far off Cambodian Province Preah Vihear visiting my Khmer mom and receiving her blessing to be with her daughter Alin. We had been living together for some time but her mom had asked to meet me many times. She is the most wonderful person and hugged me and told Alin in Khmer she loved me. At the end of the dinner, she told us in Khmer,

be happy, be blessed, find happiness and joy in your lives. Take care of each other.

Our lives together are so much more now. We will visit our mom every month or so and bring her hugs and love and take her to dinner. Our next visit is in May for a few days.

April 15, 2023