Rainy morning and coffee

It’s been raining since yesterday off and on. Now mostly on. Hanoi is awake and it’s coffee time in my room. It’s nice to open the curtains and watch the rainy morning come in and go out. Down the street from where I live I can get some bun cha or a little further reach Toms Coffee if I want that. Buying food and fruit is easy here. There are little stores up and down the street I live on. If the rain lets up later may go to a different coffee shop but I’m pretty set and lazy this morning.

This time of year the weather varies. Some days in the mid 30s and other days like this. By end of the month we will be approaching autumn in Hanoi. Weather will become cooler and dryer but still with some rain. September is kind of in between it seems to me.

The morning coffee and the rain and sometimes thunder perhaps heightens my desire to not go anywhere. I’ve been in Vietnam since February 18th. I have gone to places inside like Da Nang and a few times to Saigon. Flying domestically is pretty easy and cheap. I was looking at perhaps going south in December. I want to visit Can Tho down in the Mekong delta and Saigon again. The flights would cost me $55 total. I had decided to wait and let Vietnam get the second COVID-19 outbreak managed. They seem to have done that. We’ve gone a few days with no community infections. So I think now will go in December for a week or so.

I’ll only have a month left then in Vietnam no matter what. Don’t know what will happen. I do know by early February I will go. Hopefully to Cambodia. The US is not even a serious choice.

bun cha and coffee

I relocated to my local bun cha place for some food and then a small cafe for some Hanoi style iced coffee. The bun cha is always good and I love the bbq pork and noodles plus they know what i want. Nothing else is served there so it’s easy. I do like the iced tea there.

Coffee afterwards is at a local place too. The lady knows my drink so it’s always getting ready soon as I sit down.

and on

Now the rain lessens so the rainy morning part may lessen. I think later today will head to this expat pub for dinner and beers. It’s a nice walk from here and out of this district. Still see expats there. Pizza is cheap and good and two for one draft beers during happy hours.

I’m gonna sit with coffee and do what I usually do.


September 6, 2020