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Pool sitting

Hello! I am lazy today. I did some walking and ended up back home. My wife smiled and told me

Hello my lovely

I decided to practice doing nothing so I came to the pool because I figure what better place to actively do nothing.

Oh… I ate a fruit bowl consisting of oranges, bananas, mangos and red dragon fruit that Alin makes for me. I’m spoiled. Yeah. Fresh fruit in Cambodia is a joy. She just will take care of me and always buy my favorite fruits and some I don’t have regularly. Coming back from Kampot she made sure to get rambutan for me. Another love affair for those crazy, sweet and strange looking fruit. My wife says she can tell what is a white dragon fruit and red. She bought yellow ones for me too.

I know. I know. Spoiled. She just takes care of me. Sends me hearts on WhatsApp. Tonight she cooks American fried potatoes. Oh yeah. You have not really had them until they are cooked in a wok on a charcoal grill. Her way is cutting up potatoes, slicing and dicing a medley of different bell peppers, onion, mushroom. Then I get her homemade chili. Damn. That stuff so spicy and good. She makes with a mortar and pestle.

Meanwhile I’m poolside. It’s humid today like it wants to rain but has not quite summoned the strength to turn that corner. I sit. Music goes. I write this thing.

Have I mentioned how much I love my wife? Not just her cooking excellence but her desire to just care for me, make me happy. Probably a Khmer woman’s trait or two. I take care of her too but she leads in most things these days. I’m happy to just trust her with everything. Wonderful!

The music goes on. My kindle is impatient. What will I do? Oh. Nothing. Besides write here and share a photo from Cambodia somewhere.

Ohhh. Ahhh. Flowers and my babe. And this would be Battambang.

Memories. Wonderful little pieces of our lives.

Great day. Doing nothing. Life goes on.

May 27, 2023