Places to go, things to see

On October 26th I will fly out of here back to California. Back to the place I was at in January this year with no intention of returning. Then I believed I would stay 3 months at a stretch in different places in Vietnam and still wander Asia as I like. Not to be.

Perhaps this planted a seed deep within which colored my desire to just live in Hanoi. I decided to leave Asia because i have to. It’s a place I have been and would love to return to but the world is bigger. Rounder. Has places for me to reach. I don’t like considering plans or steps but the blog has recorded me not doing plans but doing things because I wanted to do them. Go to Malaysia for a week? Ok. Live in Taiwan for three months? Ok. Now it’s time to change. To reboot. To find the next new.

So to reach the new I will do the old for a bit. But I’m set. I will reach Ecuador in late December or whenever I get tired of the United States. The attraction is more than the new. It’s the stable pension retirement system there and the lifestyle. It’s the next. The next place to go and thing to see. Life’s more than lists on a travel blog or inane captions on an Instagram. It’s the you in things.

thats then…

But now it’s Da Nang. My all time favorite place here. It has all the stuff. A river flows through it. The ocean is near. Skies are blue but sometimes rain threatens. Take a look here. Simply beautiful. It’s known as the Singapore of Vietnam but to me it’s just wondrous Da Nang.

I’m here for only a few days. My last time to see the city and the river and bridges. Tonight to a local Italian pub for dinner. Then two more days of simply being in this place.

More pictures to come with my iPhone 11 Pro.

July 1, 2020