Photography and Blogging Fun

I’ve been looking at a few photo editing tools and reading reviews. I really like using the iOS 13 photo app and darkroom but have used Lightroom in the past. I don’t feel tied to it’s ecosystem or cost per month. I’d probably use it if darkroom did not exist or was left to no updates like snapseed. Darkroom though has almost all of what I need. So I decided to not extend the subscription for Lightroom mobile or get the 1tb plan. I bought the lifetime subscription for darkroom because I believe in it. I’m not an Adobe Lightroom camper. It all costs. Costs a lot to me. The deals are all strange too. Get Lightroom mobile by itself for X price. Want photoshop too? Oh you don’t get the same storage then. You get downgraded unless you pay another amount. I don’t see the benefit for the cost. In reality the iOS 13 photo app does a nice job of editing photographs for sharing. It does not do RAW files but darkroom does. So there is the workflow split. Use Halide to shoot RAW and I use darkroom to edit. Shoot HEIC or JPEG and I can edit in either. Easy stuff. Much easier than throwing in some fujifilm camera and it’s frustrations.

blogging fun

There is my blog here. I love Write.As and never feel like I’m missing the dark worlds of wordpress. But there was something I think I wanted. Perhaps another thing. A different thing. Yes. I needed a thing. So a microwas born. Come and visit. It’s new. It’s different. But it’s still the same old retired guy traipsing around Vietnam now. I needed an avenue. Like a street down the street from here. A Hem as they call them here. A busy small world with twists and turns. Two blogs. One Mike. It’s all gonna be so good!

July 21, 2020