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Phnom Penh to Kampot

We did not really have an entire day here. Just a night in a cheaper hotel and then breakfast. Valentine’s Day meant a red rose and small gifts for Alin.

Now we sit and wait at bus station for 1230 bus to Kampot. Eat a little. Tease a little. Have some iced latte.

Nothing really accomplished and we did not even try. The high water mark was Alin asking,

What day is it love?

We lose sight of the days quite often. In Siem Reap the days are these gradual and slow things we just wander through. I go for walks. Do some yoga. A little meditation. Tonight will walk in Kampot by the river again.

Now in Phnom Penh we have to pay more attention. We have buses to catch. Hotels to land in. Even some people to see. I’ll leave this here and write some more on Kampot things.

Kampot rising

An afternoon in Kampot was good. Saw my expat friend Jason. Dinner with alin and friends. I also got a walk in which felt so nice. Just walked to river in a roundabout way. Found some solitude and peace.

It was Valentine’s Day and it’s big in Cambodia.

We celebrated too. Gifts and this trip for us both. Plus private moments to just enjoy the beautiful hotel in Kampot and what I also enjoy. The walking. Seeing little sights that make it all worthwhile.

Go out and enjoy yours. This blog post brought to you by the beautiful and sensuous Hotel Five.S in Kampot and their wonderful devotion to our happiness.

Take care all. Happiness and joy from us in Kampot to you wherever your time zone takes you.

February 15, 2023

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