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Perambulating, gesticulating

Today I walked after I decided to return to blogging. I had been sitting in a coffee shop I enjoy when I wrote. It has come to us that calling Alin my girl friend is not really true any longer. Here in Cambodia we could get legally married easily but neither of us want that. So we decided instead to just refer to each other as husband and wife. It happens a lot here with expat and Khmer. There’s love to be shared, lives to be enjoyed. I bought a ring for her past a Valentine’s Day ring and she proudly told me then she was my wife and belonged to me forever.

I thought on this today perambulating along. This life. Alin told me over breakfast,

Honey, this is your family.

And she told me everyone that loved me, wanted to hold me close, and was there for me. I don’t have that wonderful size but I have a daughter so I told her she had a new family. She even has a Khmer grandmother now that probably will wait impatiently to meet her.

Perhaps I gesticulated wildly walking. Sometimes I fear I do. I don’t notice any longer because when I walk the entire force of both things comes out. It is me and Siem Reap. Before it was me and Hanoi or Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo or Merida. Always a street or a hill or a path. Not to surmount and accomplish but to simply reach. Walking has not been a challenge or a result for me so I tend to reach inside to some places where both the steps and the thoughts reside. I did not take a photo today because I did not feel like it. Instead, I think I will share a photo from Battambang Cambodia now.

Of course, like usual, it is my wife and I. She who greets both perambulations and gesticulations with humor. She also gently teases me about yoga and meditation. But she also admits that what I do makes me her man and she’s happy to see me sink to the floor to do 30 minutes of yoga or some time of meditation.

So my message today after doing both things is I am glad to be back here doing them. I have words to tell you. Some photos to share starting next week when we hit Da Nang and Hoi An. Life is a bundle of both things for me but now I have someone to share with. I know I’ve said this before but this having of a person and her having me is this wonderful sensation of love, sex, beauty. Perhaps because I spent some years doing the perambulating and gesticulating alone. Now I can annoy someone else at some times when I insist on going come rain or shine. She of my life just laughs gently and tells me to go do what makes me feel the best.

So I came back here too because this also made me my best. Sometimes I rail against it. Then I remember what I am really here for…

I’m here now to be happy and find joy in life. Mission gonna go on but not alone.

April 11, 2023