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On our way

Life is a grand adventure. I’m lucky to have someone who understands the language and has boundless good humor and the ability to tease me about any possible thing.

Now we sit at the Sun Thuon express bus station. Somewhere in Phnom Penh. We tried cooked bananas with soy sauce. OMG. Just terrible. It’s amazing because we will eat about anything. From spiders to bugs to whatever. But those bananas were gross.

So now we wait. Wait in this city that we can’t wait to depart from. Truth is only place I could live and love is Siem Reap. It has the mix of all things from Khmer to international I just love. Every other place has issues.

To Kampot and beyond

Well at least to Kampot. We will get in at 830pm. Tonight nothing happens. Tomorrow Alin goes off to police station or whatever. She has three days or so to do some stuff. I’ll meet a few people I know in Kampot. Saturday we will go for beers with Joe. Have not seen him since 2018 or so. He’s a really good resource on Cambodia for retirees and expats. Then there’s Jason. Will see him one of the days for coffee. And that completes my social calendar. I don’t believe the term friend applies to either one.

The other times I will do what I do. Help Alin where I can. Sit by the pool or walk the city. iPhone in hand. Find little things I want moments of.

Sunday we reverse. Back to Phnom Penh and then back home. I’ll meet an acquaintance for coffee that week. An expat I have known only online. I don’t often meet expats. There is no upside to it. I leave often feeling worse than when I arrived. I’m better straddling both worlds. Living life in moments of both.

I’ll be blogging and sharing snd tooting and doing whatever else.

Catch you later with Kampot vibes.

May 16, 2023