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Old and older blogposts

First off thanks to David at Blot for rescuing older posts and letting me place those back into my current blog. So happy to have some blatant blather back. Now I also found earlier posts going all the way back to 2019 which fill in the blanks from then until 2022. Perhaps thousands of blogposts that cover places and wandering and stories and even photos from so many places. I am not convinced I’ll just copy them all over yet. Some come from Wordpress, some from my times on write.as, and others on micro.blog. All exported before by David for me at various times using Blot. It is the only platform where I was able to recover all the posts from different platforms. I was able to take it all with me but it’s another question actually using it all on the different services. Until Blot came along. Again, thanks to David for just always helping us all, writing export and import scripts, creating value and solutions for us. Most of all for always answering questions, always being there, making Blot the best damned word thing ever.

So I came away with questions today other than still looking at copying over the posts. I won’t bore you with those but at some point I think I will have to decide a thing. I am terrible at decisions having made more than my share of bad ones disguised artfully as the right thing. Other so-called friends would tell me things like,

I’ve been through that and I think I know the way it should go

It is pretty obvious they may have known and what they know worked for them (or not). Or they have gone mad and don’t recall the events or the years.

A friend once told me about my ex-wife to just wait it out. She will tire of cheating and come running back. That was before the divorce and me moving out some years after. Don’t even ask about that one.

Finally is this one idea I have harped (written) on here before. We never really understand another person but anyone that tells you things like

I understand what you have gone through

or other similar nonsense has assuredly not been able to understand or rationalize any of my stuff just like I could never do theirs. Witness that it only took me 23 years to understand my ex-wife and after telling my son one day at lunch in 2021 when I visited the US that fact, she stopped talking to me whatsoever.

So all three I chewed on, wondered on, wandered on. No one can know any of them and I think I don’t really either. I just stumble through them.

The blog takes shape

But my life seems kinda strange. I think a lot of Hanoi. My Vietnamese friends there. The life once held so dearly. Why? Because life here is not understandable and I cannot explain it all.

So perhaps I will copy over the old posts but I will never understand the old and new things that happen to me. That is just the way of it in Mikes Thoughts. Live it or live with it :-).

Bye for now.

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